February 16th, 2014

I have been in Peru for a month and six days. The time has really gone by. It has been a while since I last wrote as well. Since the last time I wrote on here, I went to the beach, El Silencio, have visited Machupicchu, went to my first professional soccer game in Peru, and went and saw Tego Calderon in a discoteca in Punta Hermosa. During the week that we were going to go to Machupicchu, four of my friends went to the Amazon jungle along with Dr. Miller. I decided not to go since I have other plans. Since Dr. Miller wasn’t in Lima, we got the day off on Tuesday. What part of the gang and I decided to do was go to the beach which I had been told was one of the best beaches. It was a beautiful beach, right away one of the owners of a restaurant approached us and sat us down on the chairs they own on the beach with the umbrellas. They were really nice to us! Daniel, Emily, and I also bought water guns which we chased each other around with. It was a blast but it was really tiring! I also had a small cut on my achilles tendon from soccer practice the previous night that got really infected when I got into the beach. The beach was extremely dirty and trash would just ride on in with the waves. The infection was really bad that my whole leg would hurt and I had to get something for it at the pharmacy. Once I got home from the beach, I packed since I would have to be ready by 6:15 to leave to the airport. Once we arrived at the hotel in Cuzco, we were given coca tea to prevent altitude sickness. We then went and had lunch. After lunch, we had a full day of touring the city. We got back to the hotel late, went and had dinner, and went straight to bed. On Thursday, we had to be up by 3:20 to have breakfast and leave the hotel at 3:40. We then had a three hour bus ride and another 3 hour train ride. We finally had made it to Aguascalientes. There we took two buses to reach the entrance to Machupicchu. We got there around 8:30 and were done by noon. It was a beautiful sight to see! At noon, we had lunch and had to wait until 7 to catch the train back to Cuzco. It was a long wait and I was hungry so I was frustrated and cranky. We didn’t get back to the hotel until past 11 at night. We then went to bed again and had to be up by 8 for another full day of touring. Also, the first day was extremely cold that I had to buy a winter coat to stay warm. Those three days were amazing but I was ready to get back to Lima where I wasn’t rushed or tired from long day activities and where it was also warm. On Saturday, our flight was sort of delayed but we weren’t told anything so we waited for over an hour past our boarding time that we were all frustrated. We then got back to Lima and my host family took me out to get pollo a la braza which was amazing! That night, I was expecting to rest but I get a phone call from Daniel to see if I wanted to go out to a discoteca. I could not refuse the offer and we headed of to Asia that night. We left around 1:30 am and didn’t get back to Lima until 9 am. It was a long, fun night of dancing the night away and welcoming the morning. Sunday was a relaxed day. Monday was a long day since we had Grammar class and Conversation class. We had class from 10-1 and then from 4-7. Conversation class is the worst class ever!! On Tuesday, we had psychology until noon. I then went to Daniel’s house to talk to his brother about the soccer game, they gave me lunch, and then I went and met Adam to work on our project. I then went back to Daniel’s house so we could meet to go to Daniel’s host brother’s brother’s house. After that, we hurried to try to make it to the stadium in time so we could try to get tickets. We couldn’t get a taxi to stop for us so we had to take a combi and then we were able to take a taxi. Outside the stadium people were selling tickets. We had a lady sell us the tickets for 40 soles which was 20 soles cheaper then what they were originally! This was the soccer game between La U and an Argentinian team. It was a close game but the Argentinian team was able to score in the last ten minutes. The atmosphere was really loud and I enjoyed every second of it! On Friday, we went to Punta Hermosa to see Tego Calderon perform. All of you should know who Tego Calderon is since he was in Fast and Furious along with Don Omar. It was a really good experience except my camera decided to die even before he came on so I wasn’t able to get pictures. The rest of this weekend was relaxing. We were really feeling pizza so we went to Papa Juan’s and then got ice cream and had a movie night at Jennifer’s place. This week, I have a psychology test which I’m worried about and also have my first blog due for psychology… It’ll be a long week. Until next time! Chillin at the beach DSCN1541

Emily thinks she won the water gun fight..

Emily thinks she won the water gun fight..

Don't know what I'm looking at

Don’t know what I’m looking at

Thinking... We Own Machupicchu The Guys Dan and I

La U

La U


I still haven’t played soccer…

I’ve been in Peru for a little over three weeks and I still haven’t played soccer! I just hope that I will be able to play at least once before I leave back to USA… Anyway, here’s what’s been going on since last time. I left off by saying that our conversation teacher gave us a speech about America’s calling themselves American’s. Well, the next day we went to a so called Mexican Restaurant. We took a taxi. The driver asked us were we were from and Bryan answered the Unites States and said, “oh, you’re American’s.” Bryan said you could say that… and then he went on saying that he was also an American because he lives in Peru kind of attacking Bryan for saying he was an American. They must be testing us or something. On our adventure to find good Mexican food in Peru, we went to Taco Naco and we were left disappointed and hungry. Not only was the food not good but it was also a meal for a 4 year old who would’ve still been hungry afterwards. Since we were still hungry, we got dessert at Don Maminos. Tuesday and Wednesday we didn’t do much. On Thursday, we had psychology as well in the morning since we won’t be having class this upcoming Tuesday. After psychology, we went to Don Maminos and were left disappointed as well. We then went back to UPC and we had our first test in grammar class. The test went well since what we covered was material that I had already covered in previous classes. The teacher also gave us four points of extra credit on the exam.  On Friday, we headed out to the Zoo from UPC. I really enjoyed it but in the afternoon it got really hot and we were all tired. We headed back to Surco, showered since we were all sweaty from walking and rested a bit. That afternoon we went and ate at McDonald’s since most of us had been craving it for awhile. Afterwards, we went to buy some movies for cheap and headed of to Fin’s place. We watched “En Llamas” or Catching Fire. On Saturday, I slept in and was able to finish my homework for my online class. I then met up with Daniel and his host family to go to a discoteca to celebrate a birthday party. The discoteca we went to is called Maroma. We got there around midnight and stayed until 6 am when they were closing. While we were dancing, people were walking around handing out plain white t-shirts and paint. People put on the shirt and just started throwing paint at each other. I unfortunately didn’t put on my t-shirt and the shirt I was wearing is now covered in paint. The shirt didn’t help though since the paint went through the white t-shirt. People on stage by where the DJ was had water guns and were squirting the crown with it. The water was extremely cold especially since we were hot from dancing. Today, Daniel’s host mom made us breakfast. We ate and talked for awhile. I then came home, showered, and met the peeps at Vivanda to head over to Chili’s to watch the Super Bowl. We got there around 4:30 but I left during half time of the game. Here is what I have to look forward to this week. On Tuesday we don’t have class, we will be going to a beach in Punta Arena. We are hoping to get surf lessons. This is supposedly the best place to get lessons since most of the professional surfers from Peru come from there. On Wednesday, we will leave for Cuzco to head to Machu Picchu. We will be there for four days. I’m really looking forward to it. I will update you on how it goes! Until next time!ImageImageImageImage

No sleep…

It was a weekend of no sleep… It was definitely a very eventful and fun weekend though. It all started Thursday. We got done with class around six p.m. I was supposed to have had soccer practice at nine p.m. but it got cancelled. I went to Nikki’s place around ten pm and we waited until the whole group showed up. We headed out to the discoteca named Aura in Miraflores. This is one of the two best discotecas in Miraflores. Nikki’s family was able to get us on the list so we only payed 25 soles which is cheap compared to what they normally pay. We went to the discoteca and danced the night away. We got back around three a.m. which is early compared to Peruvian time. On Friday, I woke up at nine. I wasn’t very productive Friday but I watched a soccer game with the host brothers and friends. The U was playing which is my host brother’s favorite team in Peru. It was not quiet at all at my house. They are loyal fans. That night was one of my host brother’s friend’s girlfriend birthday. So… they invited me to go. We showed up at the house at eleven p.m. and stayed all the way up until five a.m. Again, dancing the night away. The girls at the birthday party were trying to get me to perfect my salsa dancing which was very generous of them. They also go to UPC so I might be seeing them around. On Satuday, I was up around ten a.m. Around noon, I get a call from Daniel saying that him and his host family is going to a private beach party and they want me to go. I had to really think about it since we would be going to a hike the next day. Once they convinced me, I packed my stuff and met them at UPC where they picked me up. We left around one thirty and got there around three. It was a long ride but it went by fast since we talked the whole way. We got to the hotel and it was actually a beach party. They had a live DJ and everything. It was a beautiful hotel! At the pool party, there were people who appear on a Peruvian TV show. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture taken with them. Around ten p.m., we went to Daniel’s (Daniel M’s host brother) brother’s house, Cesar, who has a condo by the beach. We grilled, ate, and headed out to a discoteca at one thirty a.m. It took awhile to get in but were were in the reserved section. The discoteca was packed and people were dancing the night away. Daniel M. and I headed back to Surco at four a.m. got home at five fifteen a.m. got some stuff and went to UPC at five forty-five on Sunday morning to meet the rest of the group to go on our class hike. Since Daniel and I hadn’t gotten any sleep at all, we slept on the bus and got some energy for the two miles that we would be hiking that day. The hike was deadly but not a challenge for me. The group and I made it and arrived at the waterfall. It was beautiful. We spent some time there and headed back to the town were we started the hike. We got a small tour of the town and than headed back to Surco. on the way back we were able to sleep once more. When we got back, I went to Daniel’s house to pick up my backpack since we weren’t able to get it on Saturday night. Once at his house, we started talking to Helen (Daniel’s host sister) and we talked for about three hours. Around eight, I got home, ate dinner, did homework, and finally was able to get some sleep. On Monday, I woke up, went on a run, went to UPC, went to class, the teacher insinuated that American’s are arrogant, gave us a long speech about why American’s shouldn’t called themselves American’s, and then I went to Don Mimmos and had the best meal and dessert so far on this trip! It has been a crazy but fun four days!

¡Hasta luego!

DJ Stand Daniel and I at Acquavit Selfie The Pool

From the beginning

Arriving at Fort Lauderdale

Arriving at Fort Lauderdale

UNK’s fountain has some competition

Best frozen yogurt I’ve had🙂

I got in trouble for taking pictures😐

Adam won 40 soles at the casino

I have been in Peru for two weeks now. It seems like it has been longer than that… I will start from the beginning. A week before I left for Peru, I still had not packed, I really hadn’t come to accept that I would be leaving. Once my host brother e-mailed me, that’s when I started packing, the most important things first, of course, like my soccer cleats. Once January 10th arrived, my brother and my dad took me to the airport in Denver. Before we arrived at the airport, we stopped and ate. I had some tacos, I really miss my Mexican food. I also made sure I brought some Mexican candy so that I would have some over the period of time that I’ll be here. I flew out of Denver, went to New York, then to Fort Lauderdale, and finally arrived in Lima. Since my flight in Florida got delayed, I arrived at 1 in the morning. My host brother had been waiting for me for almost an hour. Once I got home, I unpacked and then fell asleep since I had only had about 4 hours in 24 hours.

My first weekend was terrible. I woke up Saturday morning feeling great with an ambition to explore and get to know the place where I’ll be staying for 4 months. I had already talked to Bryan and we would be exploring together. Once the afternoon hit, I was not feeling the greatest. I started to shiver and eventually get really hot. The first weekend in Lima, and I get a fever and felt terrible. I took some pills and sleep about 6 hours that day. I wake up at night take another pill and go back to sleep. On Sunday, I was not feeling any better. At night, my host brother, Americo, goes out and gets some antibiotics for me. Those helped out, a lot. Monday morning I was feeling better and we had orientation that day.

My host family has been great! I have my host mom, Rossana. Then I have two host brothers Americo, who is 27 and also studied at UPC, and then Carlos, who is 24 and I’ve only seen him twice since I’ve been here. I also have a host grandma, she is super nice and always makes sure that I eat. Lastly, my host grandma has a dog. I am uncertain of his name since sometimes I think they call him Ruben other times I think they say Duber. I am not completely sure what his name is. My host brothers have invited me to practice soccer with them every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I, of course, accepted and took it as an opportunity to hang out with them and play some soccer!

Since I have been here, I have gone to the Jockey Plaza, a really nice mall that has stores such as Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, Adidas, Nike, Coach, all brand name stores. It is really nice! I have gone to Miraflores, another district of Lima. In Miraflores, we went to the beach the first Thursday we were here. My host brother’s friend’s dad owns a discoteca and they also know other owners of discotecas. Last Saturday, they took me to the discotecas in the South. They are the ones that people go to over the weekend. The discotecas were about an hour from Surco, where I live. We also didn’t leave until 1 in the morning and I didn’t get home until 6 on Sunday but that’s typical for Perú We were able to get into two, for free, and into the VIP section. The first one we went to was packed and we could barely walk so we ended going to the second one. It wasn’t as nice or as good of music selection but it was still fun. This week, we went back to Miraflores on Tuesday and we went exploring some more and to stores. Yesterday, Nikki’s host sister was able to get our names in so that we would be able to go to Aura, a discoteca in Miraflores. It was also a ton of fun. Today is game day. The champion of the Peruvian soccer league is playing. My host brother are big fans of them so my host mom said that my host brothers are planning on watching it here with friends. That means, my house will not be quiet. I’m not sure what time they play but I will know once I start hearing the shouting.

Even though it’s only been two weeks, I already miss Mexican food. So far, I have eaten rice with every meal. I thought about buying a piñata just so that I have something that’s somewhat Mexican.

I’ll have more pictures on the next blog. Until next time…